Our healthcare team specialises in market research for healthcare professionals and patients, delivering global research services to our clients in this sector.

Our approach in Healthcare

Our healthcare team specialises in market research for healthcare professionals and patients, delivering global research services to our clients in this sector.

With years of experience in Healthcare, our team’s mission is to provide clients with a realistic and successful approach on their project requirements. We take pride in our trusted partnerships with our clients as well as expert team of Healthcare recruiters to ensure we provide a seamless delivery.

What makes us unique working within healthcare, different regulations apply in each market. Our aim is to make sure to be as realistic as possible when we put together our proposal for you. We treat each proposal uniquely and in order to ensure a successful delivery we strive to conduct internal desk research as well as speaking with our team of experts and local recruiters to determine the project’s feasibility. We do not shy away from offering suggestions or adaptations to the targets and methodology, depending on what our experts advise.

Healthcare Services

We offer UK patient work internally, and are continually growing our HCP panel. Regardless of the therapy area, we will source quality respondents from a wide array of positions within healthcare, to ensure your project is a success. Therapy areas we work with include but are not limited too: diabetes, rheumatology, gastroenterology, heart disease, heart failure, cancer, psoriasis, neurology, dermatology.

At FG Connect, our healthcare team can work with you on all aspects of your project from, recruitment only to full service including analysis, transcriptions, translations, reports and moderation. We regularly work on international projects and over the last 20 years we have built a trusted network of expert, local recruiters across the globe. Our external partners are leading experts within their markets and Healthcare. We always work with trusted and native moderators and transcribers in local markets. Our moderators have years of experience moderating specifically healthcare projects and have covered a vast variety of therapy areas.

Who we recruit

We have our own database of healthcare professionals and healthcare patients who provide us with the full scope of disease and professional areas required for any healthcare research. As well as our own panel, we work alongside trusted recruiters and partners that can support with projects that have a very specific or niche spec.

In addition to the UK market, we also regularly work across the globe. We consider our strongest markets to be the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, US, Canada, APAC, India, Netherlands, Nordics, Portugal, Turkey, Pakistan and Africa. With our office in Dubai we have a strong presence within the UAE and Saudi Arabia. We can also work in an areas outside of these markets.


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The function of information for parents services in the NHS




We use FG Connect to manage and hold a series of focus groups in the North and South of the UK on a monthly basis. The team are fantastic in ensuring the right market sector attend the group ensuring we get the most out of our sessions.

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