Qualitative Research

Ideal when it comes to getting real feedback and ideas in response to a product, service or idea.

Whatever your qualitative research project, FG Connect can find and recruit high-quality respondents to meet your requirements.

We recruit for all kinds of qualitative research, including focus groups, interviews, product and usability tests, workshops and ethnographic studies.

From hard-to-reach niche audiences to huge global markets, from corporate decision makers to home makers, or from users of a specific drug to the doctors who prescribe it, FG Connect can find the right people, anywhere in the world.

To do this we leverage our extensive and ever-growing database of a quarter of a million respondents, as well as our in-house telephone recruitment team and highly trained field teams. We can also use social media to find highly targeted groups of participants based on their behaviour, or work with clients’ own databases of potential or existing customers.

We know that the right respondents for a project brings richer insights for our clients. That’s why we work hard to find fresh, carefully targeted participants for all projects. To ensure quality, we screen all respondents using a detailed survey, followed by a phone call. We require all focus group participants to bring photo ID.

Our bespoke research management system helps us filter out “serial respondents” and automatically sends reminders to participants before a focus group takes place. We work closely and transparently with each client to meet their requirements for respondent quality, and as a rule, we don’t use the same focus group respondent more than once every 12 months.

Areas of Expertise

FG Connect takes its reputation and responsibilities seriously and is affiliated with a number of research industry bodies that uphold standards and best practices. We work closely and transparently with each client to meet their requirements for respondent quality, and as a rule, we don’t use the same focus group respondent more than once every 12 months.

In-Depth Interviews

Get our services to conduct in-depth interviews to solve complex user and customer problems and obtain a better understanding of their core concerns.

Focus Groups

Looking for a market research partner specialised in focus groups? We are a full-service research agency providing focus groups-based market research services.

Usability Testing

Our usability testing services will allow you to find out exactly how your users interact with your website, mobile app, software application or any other product.

Central Location Testing

Accurate and trustworthy insights into user behaviour can be obtained with our quantitative central testing services. Verified observers and respondents.

Car Clinics

Looking for a research partner who can help you organise high-impact car clinics for your upcoming car models, tractor, truck or any other heavy-duty machine?

Online Focus Groups

FG Connect can help form vertically targeted online focus groups using mainstream Internet channels used by your target audience: Get and form opinions.

Accompanied Shopping

Let our researchers and marketing experts accompany your shoppers when they shop to observe their behaviour and provide you vital information to improve further.


Our ethnographic qualitative research can help you understand your segmented consumers better, allowing you to streamline your products and services accurately.


We use FG Connect to manage and hold a series of focus groups in the North and South of the UK on a monthly basis. The team are fantastic in ensuring the right market sector attend the group ensuring we get the most out of our sessions.

Kate Bailey

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