Nicotine Products

Methodology – 3 x in-person focus groups with Opinion leaders at a Central Location day and 2 x online focus groups with GPS per market

"Overall, participants appeared to be open to the new product, particularly if it could lead to a reduction in vaping."


We had 5 groups per market for this study. 3 of the groups were held with engaged citizens, known as opinion leaders within their communities, these people take an interest in politics and current world events and is a person that regularly engages with the community around them on these topics. The remaining 2 groups were held with working GPs. This study was to evaluate attitudes of the respondents with regards to nicotine pouches and what they consider to be acceptable product regulation and messaging.

Results Opinion Leaders

We could see a similar theme running through the discussions with Opinion Leaders on this topic.

The majority believes that nicotine pouches might be a better option than traditional cigarettes due to the harmful chemical components in the latter. Hence, the pouches could help in quitting smoking and reducing environmental pollution. Overall, participants appeared to be open to the new product, particularly if it could lead to a reduction in vaping.

There was caution from participants that they would not want to see it go down the route vapes have, explicitly appealing to young people through flavours and marketing.

People agreed regulation is necessary and important, covering age restrictions and tax implications.

Some also mentioned that this could attract a new and different market, including non-smokers who might find nicotine a solution for stress, nerves, social pressure, etc.

Results GPs

We could see slightly different themes among the GP groups, depending on the market.

When carrying out research with physicians, it is important to present them with proven and reliable information in order for them to discuss these products in a more open and scientific way. It is complicated to have a discussion with physicians about a product that has harmful effects on human health. Physicians should always stand for the best and healthier situations possible for their patients, so it’s counter-cultural to have a conversation about a product that has to do with addiction and the consumption of a damaging substance.

There was some cynicism about motives of big tobacco companies.

Less concern about NRT than about vaping – due to number of individuals including children vaping who have never smoked using vapes. Feeling that governments need to learn from what has happened with vapes and make sure they are regulated as NRT products rather than as e-cigarettes and vapes.

The only possible way of considering the viability of this product for this target group is only through a nicotine replacement therapy, which probably limits the expectation of sales strategy for the promotion of this product.


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