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With in-home product testing and research your respondents use your product within their own surroundings, that is, at home (or at workplace), just the way they would eventually use your product after buying it. Contrary to making your consumers and respondents test your product in a controlled environment where there feedback and opinions might be biased and affected by the controlled environment, in in-house product trial marketing, also known as iHUT (in-home user testing), users use your product just the way they would use in their day-to-day lives with all the influences having an impact on the way they use it.

Consumer product testing at home is one of the most prevalent product testing market research methodologies employed by businesses to get real-time data on how well the product will do when it begins to be used in real-world, and what are the shortcomings when it is used in combination with the home surroundings.

In the food and beverages industry, in-home user testing can be used to find out in what different environments the consumable items are going to be used and how different members of the family are going to react to them.

Suppose you want to try out a new flavour for your beverage. In a controlled environment, the flavour has received a good response but you would like to find out how people are going to react to it at home where they may consume the beverage under different circumstances and conditions such as after consuming a food item that may have an effect on the flavour of the beverage. For example, for a sweet beverage, if the respondent has already eaten something sweet, they may not be able to feel the flavour of your beverage. Similarly, taking spicy food before consuming the beverage may make it into an unpleasant experience.

Then, there are also other family members who can taste the flavour and share their opinion. In a controlled environment, this is not possible because often, it is just the respondent who is attending the session.

Another example might be giving a shampoo for a prolonged home use. A greater number of users can use the shampoo on regular basis for a prolonged time, let’s say, a month. Over a month, they can find out what effect the shampoo has on their hair and even their skin. This collective response is far better than making people use the shampoo in a controlled environment within your premises.

iHUT market research can nip such problems in the bud. In the development stage itself you will discover what different types of environments your product is exposed to and you can make the changes accordingly or you can formulate a marketing plan to avoid such places. For example, not selling at dust-sensitive printer in the regions where there is lots of dust.

FG Connect can help you with your entire product trial marketing campaign including iHUTs

For long FG Connect has associated with clients in multiple countries and helped them with their in-home usage tests and product trials and gain insightful data. We are among the premier iHUT market research companies with offices in the UK, the USA, the UAE, and beyond. We provide cost-effective product testing opportunities at home that help you gauge the level of customer satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) and then you can use the insight to make improvements and changes in your product before the product launch, or alter your marketing plan for better targeting. Such product testing techniques can save you from costly mistakes.

With our wide network of researchers and resources, we can form focus groups of home testers. We will help you dispatch products for free trial and we can ensure that the products are returned to you after they have gone through real-time product testing.

After the in-home usage period is over, our researchers can visit the respondents to obtain their feedback and also to collect the product, they can make phone calls to get the same feedback, they can also conduct online survey where people can fill up forms and they can also collect data by post and by email.

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Advantages of testing consumer products at home for market research

When consumers try out your product at home, they are not conscious of someone constantly observing them. They will use your product just the way they would use it normally. They may use it roughly. Maybe there is too much heat or too much rain or too much dust. Maybe they often put the device in their pocket or in a box. Maybe they use it in the kitchen where all sorts of materials are floating around. This is invaluable feedback. This type of feedback helps you design and develop a robust product that can be used in different and testing environments.

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Qualitative fieldwork is ideal for deeper understanding of customer opinions, attitudes and motivations for a specific product, service or idea.


Quantitative fieldwork centres on surveying a large volume of people in a structured way to make sure they are representative sample of your target market, so that you have facts and statistics to guide you.


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