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The purpose of every market research campaign is to gather qualitative and quantitative data. The data can be numerical, observational or audiovisual. From simple survey scores to in-depth interviews, it’s the data from which you draw your final intelligence and then incorporate the conclusions to make your products, services and businesses better. Hence, the integrity and the safety of your data is of prime importance.

While researching and gathering data we also ensure that we strictly adhere to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) provisions to protect the privacy of the people whose information we access. It is a digital privacy legislation in Europe that mandates uncompromised data and privacy protection for people living in the European Union.

Data processing in terms of market research entails converting raw data into meaningful information using a predefined process. When the data is being collected through fieldwork or through other data gathering techniques (online surveys, postal surveys, street interviews, etc.) it exists in unrefined or raw format. Although when digital media is being used for conducting research many of the data handling routines are already preprogrammed, when the actual data gathering process begins, many plans go haywire and every market research campaign eventually needs data processing, data storage, data analysis and data management. Every research project depends on efficient handling of the massive amount of data that is accumulated.

After the data has been accumulated (or is still being accumulated) it needs to be analysed. Analysis helps you discover useful information. This information helps you form insight and then this insight helps you refine your product or service. How time consuming this process is and what different methods the various data management services companies employ depend on the size of your research project and the amount of customer data that has been collected. For specialised data analysis you can either use outsourcing services or you can use your in-house expertise. Again, various factors are going to influence your data analysis process.

Data processing and data analysis after market research can reveal the ongoing trends in the market. It helps you know how the market reacts to price fluctuations or the way you are pricing your products or services. It also reveals strengths and weaknesses of your brand and the opportunities you have for further growth. It helps you have a look at your product beyond the research lab and right into the thick of things where your product is used in real time, mostly rough environment. It also helps you segment your market. Through segmentation you can introduce different variations of your products and services and also implement different marketing plans.


Different types of market research data processing and data management methods:

  • Digital data processing and management: In this form of data processing big data analytics become possible. The data may be processed as and when it is being collected, depending on the software or the survey app that is being used. It does not require data entry in most of the stages but still, sometimes manual interjection is needed. Both big data market research companies and smaller research companies use various digital data processing methods used in market research.
  • Manual data processing and management: A research project that is carried out through fieldwork, mostly using pen and paper, or even audio recording devices, requires manual data processing and management once the data has been gathered or even when it is being gathered, depending on the company’s needs. Instances of multiple regression in social research can complicate data handling but experienced researchers are adept at preserving and refining such data manually.
  • Real-time processing: This type of data processing takes place while data is being gathered. A robust set of data handling functions (coded into the software or mobile app) are needed to process the data as and when it is being received from the recipients.


Partner with FG Connect for data processing and management of your research project

FG Connect is a full circle market research and data management company. From the conceptualisation of your market research campaign to the final analysis and conclusions of the data, we can provide you complete research services. We have the tools. We have the experience. Our researchers can handle a research project of any scale. Whether you are looking for big data processing service or simply want to get some raw data for your marketing presentation, we are among the big data market research companies that are well placed for handling market research and data analysis projects of any dimension.

You can work with FG Connect for a complete market research project or you can collaborate for data management and data analysis, if you have already gathered the needed raw data. We can provide you data management and data analysis services in market research for a wide selection of sectors including retail, hospitality, automobiles, information technology, construction, household appliances, and many more.

We can help you analyse your data using Excel spreadsheets or through creating custom routines to give you highly unique results, specific to your industry and data analysis needs.

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Benefits of collaborating with FG Connect for data analysis and management services

We have a strong team of technically adept researchers and project managers spread across the UK, the USA, the UAE, and beyond. If you need real-time experience, for more than 50 years we have been doing this work. If you are in search for data management services that can delve into the most intricate data sets and then derive intelligence out of them through manual as well as digital analysis, you will find the right research partner in us. We live and breathe research data. We excel at decoding big data and make sense of it the way no one else does. From data entry to mind-boggling data processing methods used in market research, you will get the complete research data handling solution with us.

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Qualitative fieldwork is ideal for deeper understanding of customer opinions, attitudes and motivations for a specific product, service or idea.


Quantitative fieldwork centres on surveying a large volume of people in a structured way to make sure they are representative sample of your target market, so that you have facts and statistics to guide you.


We deliver global services to our clients in the healthcare market research sector, we have developed a panel of over 20,000 healthcare professionals enabling us to deliver large-scale projects in the UK and internationally.


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