Quantitative Research

Quantitative fieldwork centres on surveying a high volume of respondents, with similar carefully planned questions and stimuli across the sample.

Thanks to our extensive database of respondents around the world, FG Connect can provide representative samples for all kinds of quantitative market research surveys, including CAPI, CATI and online. Our bespoke research management system helps us filter out “serial respondents”, so clients know that all research participants are fresh and high quality. Our close-knit team of Quantitative project managers bring together a diverse range of skills which complement the businesses’ Quantitative offering. Covering everything from traditional on-street data capture to online panels with full survey scripting and design, we work as an extension of your team, representing your interests with a keen eye for detail and high standard of quality. Quantitative fieldwork research is vital when it comes to building a complete statistical-led picture. Utilising a large respondent group, ranging from around fifty to thousands, quantitative fieldwork allows us to build a large body of data, which can be followed up with other types of research. We’ve conducted numerous quantitative research projects across a wide range of client brands and industries. Through carefully designed questionnaires and experienced qualified interviewers, we make sure our research helps to meet our client’s goals and ideas while providing a true representation of the demographic.

Areas of Expertise

FG Connect takes its reputation and responsibilities seriously and is affiliated with a number of research industry bodies that uphold standards and best practices. We work closely and transparently with each client to meet their requirements for respondent quality, and as a rule, we don’t use the same focus group respondent more than once every 12 months.

Street Interviews

Our partners rely on our street interview services, which are also called face-to-face street interviewing, one of the best quantitative research methods.

Hall Tests

All major types of market research hall tests including food taste tests, taste testing ideas and taste testing experiments in UK, USA and Europe.

Mystery shopping

Our mystery shopping services help you understand how an average customer feels and what experience they have when they visit your business establishment.

Postal Surveys

Our high-response postal survey services allow you to get quantitative responses from your target audience from the comfort of their homes, with accuracy.

In-Store or Exit Interviews

Obtain feedback from your consumers and customers right from within the environment where they are buying and making purchases via in-store, exit interviews.

Online Surveys

One of the best online community research companies, FGC can help you use online surveys for market research purposes to leverage large online communities.

Consumer Product Testing at Home (iHUT)

We provide turnkey in-home product testing, in-house product testing and iHUT research services. Let your prospective consumers test your products at home.

Door-to-door Survey

Our door-to-door survey services allow you to reach where your respondents live or work and get their input from within their own environment.

Product Testing

Our comprehensive product testing services will allow you to get deeper insights into how your target customers interact with your product or service.

Telephone Surveys (CATI)

Looking for a company that can help you conduct telephone surveys? FG Connect is one of the best telephone survey research companies you can partner with.


Working with FG Connect is an absolute pleasure they are extremely communicative, flexible and accommodating at all times

Rachael Stefanussen
Boston Consulting Group

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