Our mission is to deliver research solutions to your specific business challenges.  We provide access to C-suite business professionals and their in-depth knowledge across all industries and markets globally.

Business to Business

We offer full service market research for B2B markets. We work on complex and niche projects across every industry and sector, around the world.

We custom recruit and vet experts for every project. Providing access to C-suite business professionals and their in-depth knowledge across all industries and markets globally. This custom approach means you have access to expert interviewing that connects you with the right insights.


B2B market research is essential for companies looking to understand their target markets, competitors, market trends, and customer preferences within the B2B space. Analysis from market research allows our clients to better understand the opportunities within a new market.

Research is key when it comes to innovation. Evaluate your new or existing product and service portfolio and understand how to meet your customers needs. We can help businesses make informed decisions and identify potential growth opportunities.

Through B2B research you can assess current market trends, bench-mark against competitors, and develop effective marketing plans in line with market needs. Amplifying your reach and connecting with opportunities that matter.

Who we recruit

Here at FG connect, we don’t restrict our search to a static network, we custom recruit experts to find the specific insights you need.

For each project, our team tailors recruitment to selectively recruit the most relevant business professionals that will share their expertise to deliver the insights you need.


Find out how our market research can help your business grow.


Understanding future needs based on the current business climate HR Managers

Global accountancy firm



We use FG Connect to manage and hold a series of focus groups in the North and South of the UK on a monthly basis. The team are fantastic in ensuring the right market sector attend the group ensuring we get the most out of our sessions.

Kate Bailey

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