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All major types of market research hall tests including food taste tests, taste testing ideas and taste testing experiments in the UK, USA and Europe.

Hall tests services – let people taste food and try out your products in a controlled manner

In a hall test, you invite respondents to a central location and then you let them try out your recipe, product or idea, in a controlled environment. Then you observe their behaviour and reaction. You can also take feedback from them.

During the hall test market research various taste test experiments can be conducted including vegan taste test, blind taste test and even mystery taste test. There are many food networks who prefer to carry out food taste tests in UK to find out how people feel about the recipes. New vegan diets are constantly being tested through such central location tests.

Why is hall testing preferred over other research methods? The respondents interact with your recipe, beverage or product in a controlled environment. You can also decide what sort of sitting or standing arrangement is therefore the respondents.

Conduct your hall tests with FG Connect

Since the quality of your hall tests depends on lots of factors including the nature of the respondents in the controlled environment, you will find a better partner in FG Connect since we have organised hall tests for a number of clients in UK, Europe and USA. Our research team knows how the dynamics of hall tests work and can accordingly prepare the entire setup for you.

We have a strong network of venues across the regions mentioned above with a high footfall. Our venues are selected in such a manner that your respondents can easily reach them and on top of that, only those respondents reach who can give you the input you’re looking for.

In another country? Still, you don’t need to worry. We can organise the entire event, gather the data, and send it to you in digital format.

FG Connect has a trained and experienced team of researchers who are very sharp at observing human behaviour and interpreting their body language. One of the greatest benefits of organising hall tests is that one can gather both tangible and intangible data. Our researchers won’t just gather information that is vocalised or written by the respondents and participants, but also note down their body language and their facial expressions while testing your food items, for example.

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Advantages of conducting hall tests

The advantages of conducting hall tests are

Direct feedback

While the respondents  give their feedback, the feedback is directly received and noted down by the researchers.

More definitive data

When the respondents are giving their feedback, they can be constantly observed by the researchers and even data about their visual cues can be obtained through careful observation. Further, respondents can tell how their taste buds feel after testing a recipe. They can also share with the respondents their sense of smell.


Compared to other modes of doing research and collecting data, hall tests are cost-effective. There is a centralised location where all the participants come. Since the feedback is obtained in a controlled environment, there is less scope for error and hence, less waste of money and time.

Looking for a research partner that can provide you turnkey hall test solutions? Contact us today for more information.



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Quantitative fieldwork centres on surveying a large volume of people in a structured way to make sure they are representative sample of your target market, so that you have facts and statistics to guide you.


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