Additional Services

When building the ideal market research strategy, plenty of varied elements go into helping our client brands get the most out of their research.

We handle a wide range of additional fieldwork services, ranging from data management to survey scripting, venue booking and hosting to incentive management. All designed to make sure our client brands hit their research goals, participants have a rewarding experience and everything is run as effectively as possible.

Data management and security is a key element when it comes to both looking after our respondents and clients, whilst making sure all the data is accurately and efficiently compiled and collated. Venue booking allows us to handpick the ideal locations for the study in question, when combined with skilled and qualified hosting and moderating, this makes for the perfect research environment.

Areas of Expertise

FG Connect takes its reputation and responsibilities seriously and is affiliated with a number of research industry bodies that uphold standards and best practices. We work closely and transparently with each client to meet their requirements for respondent quality, and as a rule, we don’t use the same focus group respondent more than once every 12 months.

Survey Scripting

We are among the best data management companies when it comes to data collection fieldwork for market research. From big data to microdata, we scale easily.

Data Management

We are among the best data management companies when it comes to data collection fieldwork for market research. From big data to microdata, we scale easily.

Incentive Management

You can often get faster results from market research on paid focus groups. Rewards act as an incentive for respondents to give you better response.

Moderation and Facilitation

Maximise your market research output with our highly trained moderators and facilitators. Moderation and facilitation services for conducting group discussions.

Quality Transcription

Need a dependable transcription service for your market research project to transcribe audio data? We can help you turn audio data into quality text.

Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation

We provide translation and simultaneous interpretation services when the participant's primary language is not English. We cover all major languages.

Tablet Hire and Technical Support

If you want to use tablets to gather data during research, we can easily hire them for you. We can hire Android tablets iPads and any other brand you prefer.


FG Connect are our UK partner. They follow all of our specifications for recruitment and do incredible job organizing the venue. We are impressed by their professionalism and their attention to detail. We always look forward to working with them.

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