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Get our services to conduct in-depth interviews to solve complex user and customer problems and obtain a better understanding of their core concerns.

We can help you conduct in-depth interviews to get the perspective and detailed opinions of your target respondents

In-depth interviews require a prolonged period of interaction between the respondent and the interviewee. Before the interview or the question-answer session, the respondent is normally exposed to your product or service and then questions are asked based on the demonstration.

In-depth interviews are used by organisations to obtain sensitive information about which questions cannot be asked casually. In-depth interviews are one of the most powerful qualitative research methods employed by big and small businesses to gain deep knowledge about user behaviour and business dynamics. If a discussion guide for an in-depth interview is needed in some form, it can be easily provided. Researching people for in-depth interviewing and creating the database is one of our fortes.

Interviews are conducted in a very structured manner. In-depth interviews are a bit time consuming compared to online surveys and semi-structured interviewing methods, but sitting across, face-to-face, observing the participant’s body language, gives you indelible qualitative data for your market research.

In-depth interview services provided by FG Connect

As an international research company operating from UK as well as UAE, we are strongly positioned to provide qualitative in-depth interview services across a wide spectrum of target consumers.

We will closely identify and interact with all the stakeholders involved in the process of in-depth interviewing before creating the questionnaire and formulating the approach.

We have highly trained moderators who are completely sensitised towards your business needs as well as the interviewees and wherever the requisite sensitisation is lacking, we will leave no stone unturned to fully gain it.

Advantages of carrying out in-depth interviews for research purposes

One of the biggest advantages of carrying out in-depth interviews is that they provide you a complete picture of what goes on with the respondent when he or she interacts with one of your products, services or when he or she is exposed to your idea.

Aside from this,

  • A detailed demonstration of the product can be given to the respondent before related questions are asked.
  • A friendlier environment can be created for the interview, relaxing the respondent and making him or her prone to providing the right answers.
  • Complex tools can be used for conducting and analysing the interview without having to rush into things.
  • One-to-one interaction is made possible.
  • More sensitive issues can be covered because the in-depth interview is conducted in a relaxed environment.
  • Follow-up questions can be asked according to the responses provided by the respondent and even additional information is obtained based on the proceedings.
  • An experienced interviewer can modulate the ambience of the interaction based on the mental disposition of the respondent and consequently, providing more flexibility and greater accuracy.
  • Body language can be observed, if applicable.
  • More insightful information gathering and less need for analysis later on because more detailed information is gleaned during the in-depth interview.

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What are the disadvantages of conducting in-depth interviews

In-depth interviews take time. They cannot be conducted by just anyone. Someone who is trained in user behaviour normally takes the in-depth interview . Another factor that you may need to consider is that most of the in-depth interviews take place during work hours and people are reluctant to spend time on another activity. Hence, there has to be a greater incentive (in terms of payment sometimes) to draw them to an in-depth interview.

Patience and time are required of both the respondent and the interviewer. An environment is also needed where the interview can be conducted amicably and comfortably.

But again, the scale and nature of insight that you obtain through in-depth interviews far outweigh a small number of disadvantages of conducting in-depth interviews.

Want to obtain deep insights into your users or target customers and clients? We can help you carry out impactful in-depth interviews. Contact us today for more details.



Qualitative fieldwork is ideal for deeper understanding of customer opinions, attitudes and motivations for a specific product, service or idea.


Quantitative fieldwork centres on surveying a large volume of people in a structured way to make sure they are representative sample of your target market, so that you have facts and statistics to guide you.


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