"Simplicity in both the layout and language was a key element to the respondents.”


The research was around the Information for Parents Services. This service provides expectant and new parents with regular information and advice tailored to their baby’s age. Parents can sign up to receive emails and text messages covering all key pregnancy and baby topics. The emails they then receive link to more than 100 videos, featuring experts giving advice, and real mums and dads sharing tips on how to cope with elements of parenthood. People can sign up to the service whether they are pregnant, a dad-to-be or already a parent. A unique feature of this service is that there are different versions of the email for mums and dads.


After the service was launched, there was a need for more information about how best to present the data to service users, therefore two different email versions were trialled. A key objective of this research was to find out which version people prefer. Therefore a pre Task was set up, that took place in the week leading up to the focus group. This consisted of respondents: Looking at A/B versions of the 2 different sets of information emails Signing up for a text message service Signing up for a email service


The groups discussed versions and layouts they preferred and how accessible the information was to them. They also discussed whether they preferred to access the service over email or text message or by using both options. Simplicity in both the layout and language was a key element to the respondents.


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