Smirnoff - The Methodology- Friendship Triads in UK and DE markets

"An interesting theme that resonated with all groups was the escapism element.”


The aim was to explore potential new product opportunities for a well-known, global vodka brand with a target audience of legal-drinking-age to 30 year olds. With a desire to cement this brand more in culture, we discussed inspiration and a product innovation; specifically around new flavours, new experiences and new collaborations in wider culture and alcoholic spirits. The end goal was to capture honest thoughts, feedback and advice on creating a culture around the drink.


We presented 2 ideas to the groups: GLOBAL FLAVOURS- this is about letting the drink take you on a cultural discovery of flavour. The premise around this is that so many of our adventures in life are based around flavour. However busy schedules mean we find ourselves with limited opportunities to travel the world and enjoy the different flavours on offer. The world has extraordinary flavours to discover and experiment with; this idea brings the fusions, the flavours and the adventure to the drinker. From the secret spice markets of the Far East to the bustling streets of Tokyo or the undiscovered fruits of the Amazon, transport you to exciting and provocative locations across the globe that you wouldn’t normally try. MAX SENSATION- this is about the drink providing a multi-sensory experience for the drinker, the premise here is about drinking differently and creating an experience for all the senses. We are a world of sensation seekers; where no matter the experience, we want to enjoy to the maximum. So when it comes to what we drink, why just let flavour have the fun? Think texture. Think aroma. Think sound. Think appearance. Think rules you can break to add your own spin. Lathered in excitement and pleasure, this creates unforgettable moments with every sip.


The feedback from our groups on the GLOBAL FLAVOURS idea, is that it inspired feelings of excitement/ curiosity/ wonder/ freedom connected with discovering new cultures (including nightlife), flavours, ingredients. There is a feeling of enjoyment of the luxury of having time to really enjoy what you are experiencing. Overall, this inspires feelings of well-being, longing, curiosity and excitement and was overall the most preferred idea as it was connected with so many positive emotions The feedback from the groups on the MAX SENSATION idea, was very popular and fired the imagination most – unusual tastes/flavours and textures particularly appeal as well as the way the drink is delivered – the idea of going on a taste journey, encompassing as many of the senses as possible. There were various suggestions around: smell, taste and visual elements. The groups discussed how the ideas could be turned into how the drink would look/ flavours and tastes/ moment to drink it. Aesthetics, taste, experience and fun were key elements. An interesting theme that resonated with all groups was the escapism element. This gives the drink mass appeal and is exciting and therefore creates the scope to expand the brand. Both these are aspirational as the majority perceive it as a fairly ordinary vodka brand (although these discussions present the brand in a much more exciting light).


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