The Methodology- 6 x IDIs over 3 markets- UAE, China and Taiwan

"Our brief was for screener creation, recruitment and scheduling assistance."


The goals of this project was to develop a brand platform and launch activity and ongoing support with in global travel retail. In order to develop the brand platform we need to understand motivations, behaviours and best practice when it comes to customers purchasing spirits.


Our respondents lead busy and social lives, are united in their desire to constantly explore & enjoy all that life has to offer. We noted that different types of personalities or lifestyles have different reasons to drink whisky.

We split these into 2 categories:

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Quietly communicate with friends.
  • Goes well with certain meals: Mediterranean diet, or Japanese cuisine.

Active and Urban Lifestyle

  • Enjoyment of party time.
  • Not only whisky on the table, but many other liquors can be found also.


By differentiating the types of personalities that consume whiskey we can better understand their purchasing motivations and behaviours and tailor our product with in the travel retail market to fit their preferred requirements.


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