Methodology- Focus Groups with UK university Students

"Through this UK wide campaign Texthelp expects to raise awareness of how they can support UK students."


The focus on the project is around helping all people learn, understand and communicate through the use of digital learning and accessibility tools. Believing in a world where difference, disability or language are no longer barriers, the purpose here is to help raise awareness of neurodiversity.


From the focus group we have an insight into the difference assistive technology can make to neurodivergent students. The aim going forward is to encourage all neurodivergent students to apply for the expert support available through the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).

Many students may feel a stigma if they were to apply to the DSA for support. There may be a lack of understanding and awareness about what help is available and confusingly who the DSA is for. Some Neurodivergent students may not consider themselves disabled and do not know the extra support that they can qualify for.


The campaign and the key questionnaire findings was launched during Neurodiversity Awareness Week, beginning on Monday 13 March 2023 and utilised throughout activity across the months following.

Through this UK wide campaign Texthelp expects to raise awareness of how they can support UK students.


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